Q:Why is Van Minnen Tax Law both a tax advisory firm (NOB) and a law firm (NOVA, NVAB)?


A: Three reasons. First, the broader role and perspective of an attorney at law suits any legal field of expertise, as it adds additional training, professional standards required by law, and knowledge of non-tax aspects. Second, a member of the bar has as a rule, though subject to exceptions, a strong professional legal privilege as opposed to a registered tax advisor. This often allows for more seamless cooperation with other law firms (not tax oriented). Third, law firms are typically the trusted party for tax advice and litigation in France, Germany, the US and the UK. So both for foreign clients and their local tax counsel my law firm status makes me logical point of contact for Dutch tax advice when moving into or via the Netherlands.

Q: How does Van Minnen Tax Law ensure quality in its client service?


A: Excellent question. Quality is a priority for me. As a starting point, I do not take on cases that are squarely out of my field of expertise, outside my practice focus and not suitable to pick up with some additional research. Example: for customs issues I will refer you to another specialist, as well as for fiscal fraud and criminal law cases.

Tax law is the single most changeable legal field so ‘use it or lose’ it counts. And reading, reading, reading on a daily basis. I have a very elaborate subscription to the leading professional and scientific fiscal sources in the Netherlands (such as  Vakstudienieuws, the Weekblad Fiscaal Recht, and Kluwer fiscale encyclopedieën, Cursus belastingrecht etc.). I have never relied solely on the views of other and will typically review case law (www.rechtspraak.nl) and legislative developments (www.rijksoverheid.nl) as they appear. Every now and then I write and teach myself. I practise in loose, informal cooperation with a number of tax attorneys within the same building. Together we have weekly technical discussions on developments and the types of cases that we are dealing with.

I have a large network and can involve, for that one elusive query I am not confident on, on virtually any sub-specialism matter a nationally renowned specialist whom I trust and know personally. Quid pro quo, I do like to share my views with other tax advisors that I hold in high esteem.

The rules of the  the Netherlands Bar Association  en the Netherlands Association of Tax Advisors impose a permanent education requirement and are safeguard to quality in their own right. Furthermore, I am a full member of the official specialist bar-accredited association for tax attorneys (‘belastingadvocaten’) the  Nederlandse Vereniging van Advocaten-Belastingkundigen (NVAB). I am also a member of various other associations such as the the Vereniging voor belasting wetenschap and the International Fiscal Association

Q: Van Minnen Tax Law is currently a one-man law firm. How do you ensure safe and continuous client service?


A: I use a fully ISO-certified IT service provider who guarantees an infrastructure with optimal security (both hardware and in the cloud) with server capacity on Dutch soil. In line with bar association rules I have a replacement law firm that can step in in case of an emergency and who are fully up to speed on my infrastructure (as they have worked with in as well).

Q:  Which areas of legal expertise did Van Minnen Tax Law register with the Netherlands’ Bar Association?


A: R. van Minnen has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

– Tax Law

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

Q: Does Van Minnen Tax Law do more than assist Dutch companies expanding to France and French companies expanding to the Netherlands?


A: Certainly. With Met Van Minnen Tax Law I do have a special focus for French-Dutch and francophone business relations but as a professional I also have extensive experience with businesses from other jurisdictions, such Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and various Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

Q: Does Van Minnen Tax Law also provide tax compliance service, bookkeeping and valuation services.


A: No. As an attorney at law and tax advisor, I am exclusively focused on tax advice, (avoidance of) tax controversies and tax litigation. For tax compliance I can recommend and even coordinate the services of other trustworthy service providers that I have worked with before.

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